Along with his long term Second Life® business partner Tigress Stormwind, Sami Tabla created the successful Second Life® Groups and product lines, "Twelfth of Never" and "S&T's". In 2004, he also founded the Group, "Eternal Newbies".

Having worked for several years with SL Exchange (now Xstreet SL), he was the number 2 employee hired by Virtuatrade, LLC, at that time the parent company of SLX. In his role as self confessed Tigress's "Guy Friday", he supplied ideas towards viable solutions concerning problems faced during the growth of SLX. He also served as the Customer Support Team Lead for SLX.

Prior to this, Sami has worked as a web designer and a multimedia artist, specializing in graphic/3D illustration, animation, music composition and audio/MIDI recording.

Having produced "art" since 1979, Sami has worked in pen & ink while painting exclusively with gouache and acquiring primary illustrative air brush skills. In 1996 he made the transition to the digital realm.

You can track Sami's ramblings, updates and musings by following @samitabla on twitter....
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